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Fort Frances town council meeting screen shot, May 27, 2024

Election runner-up requested to fill vacant seat

By Randy Thoms May 28, 2024 | 1:12 PM

Fort Frances council has agreed to reach out to the lone runner-up in the 2022 municipal election to fill the position vacated by David Kircher.

That would be Kaleb Firth.

Mayor Andrew Hallikas says he is a firm believer in anyone who stands up and takes part in democracy.

“I think we all can see that we have our social media warriors who like to sit back and basically comment without having any knowledge of facts, but don’t volunteer for anything,” says Hallikas.

“However, when somebody stands up and throws their hat in the ring, runs the campaign, puts their name out there, I think that indicates a real commitment to the community. So on that basis, I’m always going to be in favour of, if we have a vacancy, appointing the next runner-up.”

Councillor John McTaggart agreed and feels Firth deserves to be offered the position.

“I think that the 7th place candidate made the effort to run, went through all the steps. I think that vacant position should be offered to that candidate,” says McTaggart.

In accepting the option, council did agree to advertise the position if Firth did not accept.

When contacted by Acadia News, Firth said he was open to hearing from the town’s clerk’s office.

A meeting is now being arranged between him and the clerk before June 10th to finalize his acceptance on council.