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Peter Lagacy is the president of the New Brunswick Teachers' Association. Image: Submitted/New Brunswick Teachers' Association

NBTA says province needs to act now on teacher shortage

By Tara Clow May 27, 2024 | 10:53 AM

At a recent New Brunswick Teachers’ Association annual general meeting, teacher recruitment and retention were top of mind.

Despite repeated calls for change, classrooms went without a teacher for over 7000 school days this past year, according to the NBTA president.

“We call upon the government of New Brunswick to act with urgency on an interdepartmental retention and recruitment strategy for teachers, ensure that students have basic access to guidance and support teachers and that schools are healthy and safe. It is not too much to ask,” said Peter Lagacy.

The association says only 164 certified supply teachers under 50 work in the anglophone sector, but projections show 1,255 likely retirements of contract teachers within five years.

Lagacy adds that there is no one to backfill their positions.

Over 1,100 New Brunswickers do not hold a professional teaching degree, and that means students are in the classroom with people who may have some post-secondary education but lack formal teacher preparation and are not equipped to respond to the diverse needs of students.

“As we approach the provincial election, it’s imperative that we advocate for what matters most to us, our students, and our classrooms,” Lagacy said.