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Ceremony to officially name HMCS Frédérick Rolette at the Halifax Shipyard May 25, 2024. (Source: Royal Canadian Navy Facebook)

Naming ceremony for future HMCS Frédérick Rolette in Halifax

By Kelli Rickard May 27, 2024 | 8:46 AM

The Royal Canadian Navy has officially named its fifth of six Harry DeWolf-class vessels in honour of a French-Canadian naval hero.

A naming ceremony for the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship happened at the Halifax Shipyard on Saturday.

Lieutenant Frédérick Rolette distinguished himself during the War of 1812, earning a reputation as a bold and quick-thinking officer.

In 2014, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that the forthcoming AOPS would be named to honour prominent Canadians who served with the highest distinction and conspicuous gallantry in the navy.

The lead ship was named Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Harry DeWolf and the class is known as the Harry DeWolf Class.

Minister of National Defence, Jason Kenney announced in Québec City in 2015 that an AOPS would be named after Rolette.

According to a release, Kenney said, “Lt Rolette served our country with great distinction throughout the War of 1812.”

Kenney said it honours the bravery and valour that he exhibited throughout his career. The Government of Canada remains committed to recognizing the service and sacrifice of all men and women in uniform, both past and present.”

Other ships’ names in the class include HMCS Margaret Brooke, HMCS Max Bernays, HMCS William Hall, and HMCS Robert Hampton.