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Tessier/Judson win Emo Walleye Classic

By Randy Thoms May 26, 2024 | 1:18 AM
Dylan Tessier and Jeff Judson are this year’s winners of the Emo Walleye Classic.
They finished the two-day fishing tournament with a catch of 18.59 lbs.
That was more than four pounds better than the second-place team of Ted Heyens and Kelvin Caul.
The winning team took home $6,700 for their efforts.
A total of 38 angling teams completed.

Emo walleye 2024 champions Jeff Judson and Dylan Tessier.

Posted by Emo Walleye Classic on Saturday, May 25, 2024

Here are the final results;
2024 Emo Walleye Classic Final Standings
1st – Team 30: Dylan Tessier and Jeff Judson
Day One: 5.81lbs Day Two: 12.78lbs Final: 18.59lbs
2nd – Team 5: Ted Heyens and Kelvin Caul
Day One: 10.31lbs Day Two: 4.06lbs Final: 14.37lbs
3rd – Team 4: Jim Steele and Jessica Steele
Day One: 12.73lbs Day Two: 1.32lbs Final: 14.05lbs
4th – Team 9: Riley Caul and Brandon Marr
Day One: 4.99lbs Day Two: 6.00lbs Final: 10.99lbs
5th – Team 19: Darwin Thompson and Jesse Thompson
Day One: 5.77lbs Day Two: 4.80lbs Final: 10.57lbs
6th – Team 10: Les Morrison and Oliver Gibbons
Day One: 5.76lbs Day Two: 3.96lbs Final: 9.72lbs
7th – Team 12: Ed Carlson and Jason McQuaker
Day One: 4.88lbs Day Two: 4.05lbs Final: 8.93lbs
8th – Team 18: Irwin Hughes and Amber Hughes
Day One: 2.39lbs Day Two: 6.32lbs Final: 8.71lbs
9th – Team 21: Vance Allan and Brett Allan
Day One: 4.75lbs Day Two: 3.48lbs Final: 8.23lbs
10th – Team 3: Frank Grunewald and Frank McWhinnie
Day One: 3.77lbs Day Two: 3.78lbs Final: 7.55lbs
11th – Team 25: Dale Hartlin and Kyla Hartlin
Day One: 4.62lbs Day Two: 2.89lbs Final: 7.51lbs
12th – Team 2: Bill Godin and Greg Swire
Day One: 4.20lbs Day Two: 3.28lbs Final: 7.48lbs
13th – Team 7: Callum McCormick and Zander McCormick
Day One: 3.99lbs Day Two: 3.45lbs Final: 7.44lbs
14th – Team 23: Terry Wilson and John Spuzak
Day One: 4.35lbs Day Two: 2.99lbs Final: 7.34lbs
15th – Team 15: John Barker and TJ Barker
Day One: 4.41lbs Day Two: 2.70lbs Final: 7.11lbs
16th – Team 11: Jeannie Sheppard and Tara Boettcher
Day One: 1.06lbs Day Two: 6.03lbs Final: 7.09lbs
17th – Team 38: Dylan Swire and Paul Visser
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 6.96lbs Final: 6.96lbs
18th – Team 37: Mike Redford and Tony Flatt
Day One: 4.98lbs Day Two: 1.86lbs Final: 6.84lbs
19th – Team 22: Dennis Smith and Terry Allan
Day One: 1.16lbs Day Two: 5.13lbs Final: 6.29lbs
20th – Team 22: Carter Robinson and Ryan Redford
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 6.10lbs Final: 6.10lbs
21st – Team 33: Matt Redford and Aiden Wielinga
Day One: 2.00lbs Day Two: 3.44lbs Final: 5.44lbs
22nd – Team 29: Grant Swire and Leroy Wilson
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 5.30lbs Final: 5.30lbs
23rd – Team 1: Doug McBride and Steve Ballan
Day One: 4.26lbs Day Two: 0.00lbs Final: 4.26lbs
24th – Team 28: Hannah Fritsch-Mills and Patrick Mills
Day One: 1.26lbs Day Two: 2.24lbs Final: 3.50lbs
25th – Team 6: Cody Drennen and Ross Steele
Day One: 3.34lbs Day Two: 0.00lbs Final: 3.34lbs
26th – Team 14: Aaron Bisson and Tony Bisson
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 3.04lbs Final: 3.04lbs
27th – Team 8: Keith Wilson and Brian Wayash Sr.
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 2.46lbs Final: 2.46lbs
28th – Team 35: Ryan Witherspoon and Jade Maynard
Day One: 1.32lbs Day Two: 0.65lbs Final: 1.97lbs
29th – Team 32: Maverick Smith and Jaiden Van Dulmen
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 1.71lbs Final: 1.71lbs
30th – Team 34: Jake Barker and Camryn Dayman
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 1.58lbs Final: 1.58lbs
31st – Team 13: Daniel Laevens and Daniel Laevens Jr.
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 0.00lbs Final: 0.00lbs
32nd – Team 16: Edward Cabral and Jessie Richard
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 0.00lbs Final: 0.00lbs
33rd – Team 20: Tim Nordin and Karsyn Anderson
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 0.00lbs Final: 0.00lbs
34th – Team 24: Robert Turner and Dave Simpson
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 0.00lbs Final: 0.00lbs
35th – Team 26: Roy Morrison and Dominick Morrison
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 0.00lbs Final: 0.00lbs
36th – Team 27: Payne Hunter and Shawn Brown
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 0.00lbs Final: 0.00lbs
37th – Team 31: Jay Wayash-Calder and Bryan Wayash Jr.
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 0.00lbs Final: 0.00lbs
38th – Team 36: Jaxon Calder and Steve Halvorsen
Day One: 0.00lbs Day Two: 0.00lbs Final: 0.00lbs