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Catholic School board clarifies fundraising procedures

By Randy Thoms May 24, 2024 | 5:38 PM

Some clarification of the procedures regarding school fundraising from the Northwest Catholic District School Board.

Parents will be required to sign a form that they acknowledge the procedures of money raised when trips are cancelled.

Assistant Superintendent of Education Jen Rathwell says situations did arise during the pandemic.

“We had situations during COVID when schools raised funds for Toronto trips that we couldn’t follow through on. And there was a lot of concern from the fundraising groups on how those funds should or how they wanted them to be used,” says Rathwell. “So, we just wanted something in place to make sure that fundraisers are aware if these activities are cancelled.”

Money raised for activities is held within an account.

If an event where fundraising took place is cancelled, the school principal, along with its school council, will decide how the funds are to be used.

Another change to the policy makes it clear that any school-based fundraising event must not include the sale of alcohol.