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New baby lemur at Magnetic Hill Zoo

By Tara Clow May 24, 2024 | 1:39 PM

Spring means babies at the Magnetic Hill Zoo.

On April 23, they welcomed a ring-tailed lemur to the world.

“It was first thing in the morning when the staff checked on the animals and we saw there was a couple of extra ears or a couple of little eyeballs hanging on to mom. So it was a very pleasant surprise,” says Zoo Director Jill Marvin.

The zoo now has three ring-tailed lemurs and three black and white ruffed lemurs. They are primates that come from the island of Madagascar.

“The ring-tailed lemur has the rings around the tail and they hold those tails up. So when they’re walking down on the ground, they’re very visual. The black and white lemurs are much fluffier and have a bushy tail,” Marvin adds.

She says both of the lemur species at the zoo are ambassador animals for their counterparts in Madagascar.

“Lemurs are essential in Madagascar because they’re responsible for eating the fruits and then carrying those berries in their digestive system and then replanting the trees in Madagascar,” she says.

The new baby lemur has already made a few public appearances with mom. He is currently without a name, and the zoo hopes the public can help change that.

Five names, inspired by the island of Madagascar, have been chosen and the public can vote to help decide which is best.

The names are as follows:

  • Bary (large eyes)
  • Dimby (successor)
  • Dingana (leap)
  • Ravo (bright)
  • Sambatra (happy)

You can vote for your favourite on the Magnetic Hill Zoo Facebook page.