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Post tropical storm Lee cleanup at Rissers nearing completion

By Evan Taylor May 23, 2024 | 11:58 AM

Repair work underway at Rissers Provincial Park. Photo: Communications Nova Scotia.

Post-tropical storm Lee battered Rissers Provincial Park but the repairs and cleanup are almost done.

Storm surge and heavy winds caused flooding and downed trees around the park with the worst damage hitting the Little Rissers campsites near the beach.

The Little Rissers section of the park was closed in September 2023 following the storm after the road servicing it sustained serious damage.

It remains closed, but Parks Nova Scotia spokesperson Sandra Fraser says the work to reopen it is almost done. “The new road is being built further back and should be done in the next few weeks,” said Fraser.

The 29 campsites at Little Rissers represent about 40 per cent of the park’s total campsites.

Fraser says once they reopen the water taps nearest the Little Rissers campsites will take further time to come back online as the water lines need to go in after the road.

A new staircase has also been installed at the end of the main trail leading to Rissers Beach, after the old one sustained damage. Boardwalks also received touchups in places where boards were missing or damaged.

The main portion of Rissers opened to the public on May 17th.

For more details on Rissers visit the provincial website.