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Beauty Bay Golf Course, Senior Men’s League, May 21, 2024

By News May 22, 2024 | 9:47 AM

By Bruce Braun

“In golf, you can hit a two-acre fairway ten percent of the time, but hit a two-inch branch ninety percent of the time.”     Submitted by Dennis O’Sullivan

The misery and the joys.  Another wonderful day at Beauty Bay Golf Course!  A total of 64 golfers participated and everybody, and I mean everybody, had at least one good shot. At least I am convinced of that! Somehow you would think that’s what it takes to keep us coming back. But it’s not true. No one completely understands why anyone would put themselves in a situation where they’re going to have something disappointing happen. Something disappointing that they caused, no less. Psychologists have scratched their collective heads. They have concluded that there is more to golf than being successful at golf. If that were the case golf courses would have gone out of business long ago. So why do we do it? Well, we might hit one  good shot. And that’s a part of it. But it’s a pretty small part still. Ask most any golfer and they will say that they golf for the enjoyment of being outdoors, the never-ending challenge, but primarily for being with friends with whom they can share the misery and the joys!

And speaking of at least one good shot…longtime league member, Duncan Ross, had a pretty good day. On holes 15 and 16 he chipped in from off the green. The first time was for a par for the team and the second time was for a birdie for the team! Way to go Duncan! Thanks to Wes Rapinda for the submission.

You may recall that last year a good effort was put towards trying to find someone that had an original nine hole scorecard from Beauty Bay. With some good groundwork by Ray Howard we came close with a card from 1998. This one had some unusual yardages and in particular hole number nine back then was a par four and the green was near the lake. That card, however, did not represent the original nine. Do you know somebody that played here in the 70s and 80s? Maybe they saved a card? Help us find this piece of Beauty Bay history. Thanks.

Your executive committee was hard at work after your round of golf this morning. Plans are in the works for a July barbecue, an inter-club competition with Kenora Golf Course as well as a Falcon Lake outing this summer. Plans are also in the works for a double elimination matchplay. There will be a sign-up sheet posted shortly but you can contact Dan Anderson or Keith Lake for more details. Also, there will be some changes to some of the tee boxes that we start from on a couple holes and some adjustments to how we will golf when we’re in a threesome. Stay tuned.

The following excerpt is taken from the official USGA website:

Repairing Ball Marks: 5 Things Every Golfer Should Know.

As golfers, a small amount of our time and attention can go a long way in helping to maintain high-quality playing conditions on the courses we play. Repairing ball marks on the putting greens is an easy way to make a positive impact, but the importance of ball mark repair and the proper tools and technique are often misunderstood. Here are five things every golfer should know about repairing ball marks:

  1. The proper technique for ball mark repair is easy and fast.

Insert the ball mark repair tool behind the ball mark and gently push the top of the tool toward the center. Continue working around the ball mark, pushing the surrounding turf in toward the center of the indentation. Avoid using a lifting or twisting motion because this can damage turf roots. Once you have finished pushing turf in toward the center, gently tamp the area down with your putter to create a smooth, firm surface.

  1. Unrepaired ball marks cause lasting problems.

Failing to repair a ball mark may seem like a minor oversight, but there are lasting consequences. Unrepaired ball marks can take weeks to heal, during which time they can cause balls to bounce off line. The damage to the putting surface is also an entry point for weeds that can cause serious problems.

  1. Certain putting greens are more vulnerable to ball marks than others.

Any putting green that typically receives high, lofted approach shots will be more susceptible to ball marks. The putting greens on par-3 holes are a perfect example. If you recognize that a putting green is prone to damage from ball marks, it is important to be mindful of repairing your own ball mark and a few unrepaired ones nearby.

  1. Soft conditions mean more ball marks.

When putting greens are wet or soft, ball marks will be more of an issue. This is just one of the reasons why superintendents work hard to promote firm playing conditions with aeration, topdressing and other maintenance practices. If excessive thatch accumulates beneath the putting surface, ball marks and other turf issues will be more problematic.

  1. Almost any pointed tool can be used to successfully repair a ball mark.

Many different tools have been created to repair ball marks, including single-pronged and fork-shaped tools. Almost any pointed tool, including a golf tee, can be used to effectively repair a ball mark. Using the proper technique is the key to success.

Repairing ball marks is one of the easiest ways that golfers can help superintendents deliver high-quality playing conditions. After hitting a great shot onto the putting green, fixing your ball mark and a couple nearby is an excellent way to celebrate.

Results for the league on May 21 is as follows:

Back nine scramble winners were Keith Lake, Bruce Meyers, Al Pekarchuk, and Chris Bell with a three under 32 total. Congratulations!

Flight one: Bruce Braun, 41.

Flight two: A.J. Giardin, 42.

Flight three: Dick Green, 44.

Flight four: Brian Toews, 44.

Flight five: Bob Brignall, 51.

Other achievements:

Closest to the cup on number two: Chris“ I Could Blow it In” Pugh.

Longest drive on number four: Bruce “Smoked It” Meyers.

Closest to the cup on number seven: Bruce “That’s Me” Braun.

Longest putt on number eight: Rob “Right to the Bottom” Perry.

Closest to the cup on number nine: Bruce “and I made the putt” Braun.

You may be thinking at this point that since I write these articles, I can write in whatever I want, whenever I want. That is a fair suspicion! However, it’s not true.

See you next week!