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Trial dates set for class action after Halifax crash landing in 2015

By Evan Taylor May 21, 2024 | 4:45 PM

aliceinwonderland2020 / Depositphotos.com

Trial dates have been set for the class action lawsuit related to the crash landing of an Air Canada flight at the Halifax International Airport.

The lawsuit alleges the runway Air Canada Flight 624 was directed to was not equipped with an instrument landing system (“ILS”), which guides aircraft during approach.

During the flight’s descent, the plane struck power lines, which caused it to crash into the runway. The airport and surrounding areas also lost power for several hours.

A report from the Transportation Board of Canada found that approach procedures, poor visibility and reduced airfield lighting were all factors that led to the crash that injured more than two dozen people.

Following the crash passengers were forced to wait on the tarmac for close to 50 minutes in blizzard-like conditions, before being taken to an unheated hanger.

Although all 133 passengers survived the crash Wagners law firm is seeking damages for the physical and mental harm they endured.

Air Canada, Nav Canada, Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA), Airbus S.A.S., the Attorney General of Canada Canada and the two pilots involved have all been named as defendants.

“Certainly, Air Canada shares much of the blame,” said Wagners President Ray Wagner, “But there were many factors at play,”.

“We look forward to demonstrating that the absence of an instrument landing system on the runway was a critical oversight by HIAA and Nav Canada,”.

The Nova Scotia Supreme Court will hear the class action lawsuit during a 45-day trial, starting on January 26, 2026.

The allegations have not been proven in court.