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Council opts for status quo when it comes to the sale of fireworks

By Tim Davidson May 16, 2024 | 10:18 AM

Kenora City Council wants to keep the status quo when it comes to the sale of fireworks.

Fire Chief Dave Pratt admits he has some concerns about the way local stores sell them, which is in contravention of federal law.

“Here’s the legislative requirements…this is how you need to store them,” outlined Pratt during the Committee of the Whole meeting earlier this week.

“You can only have mock displays where people can touch them.  There are certain regulations that vendors aren’t aware of.”

Pratt outlined four possible suggestions for the sale of fireworks, including an outright ban.

“You can go into, which I did, to at least a minimum of five different stores throughout the city, buy fireworks off the shelves and go and shoot them off.  So the status quo allows you to buy them in our municipality at any time.

Council isn’t planning any changes to the city’s by-law, but admits more education is needed.

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