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Councillor David Kircher (r) listens to the town's Integrity Commission report on the councillor's violation of the council code of conduct, screen grab, May 13, 2024

Fort Frances councillor to resign

By Randy Thoms May 14, 2024 | 1:05 AM

Fort Frances Councillor David Kircher says he will resign from council after the town’s Integrity Commissioner cited him for several violations of the council code of conduct.

David Boghosian outlined his findings to council Monday night and recommended they suspend Kircher for 55 days and order him to make a public apology, specifically to Councillor John McTaggart for actions directed at him.

Before council cast their vote on the sanctions, Kircher expressed his disappointment about the report and its findings.

“I am very disappointed with the Integrity Commissioner’s report, and I strongly disagree with his findings and his recommendations,” says Kircher. ” I am troubled that much of what I would like to say or be able to say publicly in my defence is confidential, which ties my hands unfairly.”

“Everything that I have done and for which I’ve been criticized is motivated by my concerns for the town and my desire to ensure that council is always acting in the best interests of the town and its citizens. I will tender my resignation tomorrow (Tuesday), and with that, I will say good night.”

Kircher left the meeting after his comments.

The investigation was launched at the request of council in February.

The result was a 29-page report that documented inappropriate conduct of council business using email despite repeat warnings from the mayor, the interim Chief Administrative Officer and the town clerk about conducting council business by email.

Boghosian also found Kircher made inappropriate requests of staff for information outside of a council meeting and attempted to direct staff to do things without prior council approval.

Most of the email communication related to relations with Agency One First Nations, the demolition of the Resolute Forest Products mill, the forestry logging license, the maintenance and repair of facilities, Rainy Lake Market Square, the contract renewal of the Rainy River Future