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Source: LifeFlight Website

EHS to use backup helipad for LifeFlight at military base in Windor Park

By Caitlin Snow May 10, 2024 | 12:42 PM

If you live in the west end of Halifax, you have probably received a note in the mail about more helicopter traffic on the way.

Emergency Health Services says the military base at Windsor Park will soon be used as a backup landing spot for the LifeFlight helicopter.

The location was picked because it already has a helipad and is close to the QEII and IWK.

EHS says, “We make every effort to land the helicopter on hospital rooftop helipads first. When it’s not safe to do so, we’ll use the backup location at Windsor Park.”

There are several reasons why LifeFlight may not be able to land on the hospital landing spots, such as weather or maintenance other situations such as the watermain break at the QEII, in March.

The backup helipad is expected to get about 95 landings every year.

EHS says it might be noisy, but it’s only temporary, as they look for a permanent spot close to the hospitals.

The lease for the current back up helipad at Point Pleasant Park is expiring and the space will be used for something else.