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Photo: Travis Lindsay/Facebook

N.S. comedian makes it to finale on Canada’s Got Talent, competing for $1M

By Caitlin Snow May 9, 2024 | 2:21 PM

A local stand-up comedian is representing Halifax on the national stage, competing for the largest cash prize in Canadian television history-$1 million.

Travis Lindsay has made to the finale on Canada’s Got Talent.

Lindsay found out he was advancing Tuesday night.

He told our newsroom, Wednesday, how he was feeling.

“Overwhelmed, and relieved all at once that I can finally share this news.”

Decades of work

Lindsay says he’s been working on his craft for 15 years after getting bit by the comedy bug when he performed during a talent show at Sackville High School.

Soon after, he started performing in clubs.

Lindsay says he loves comedy but never thought he would be a good ‘fit’ for the show and was hesitant to audition.

When he did, his first goal was to not get ‘buzzed’ off.

“Especially when you’re a comedian, if you get buzzed…like…in my head that’ll be the nail in the … like I won’t even be able to get on at Open Mic here anymore…I’ll lose all my friends,” he said with a laugh.

Once he got through, then it got serious.

He says he hopes his experience brings attention to other comedians in Nova Scotia.

“It’s exciting, I hope it puts a little light on the comedy scene down here because there are so many comics working hard every night of the week.”

He says he loves comedy and has looked up to a couple of the greats such as Eddie Murphy and Richard Prior.

For his own style, he says, he especially likes the ‘loose’ moments with the crowd, interacting and creating somewhat of a ‘kitchen party’ feel during his set.

Finale coming up

The finale is only a few days away.

Lindsay says if he doesn’t win, he is going to wake up and write more jokes and that hopefully, because of this journey, he will be able to make enough to take care of his friends and family.

He says, being on Canada’s got Talent has already been the best experience.

The finale airs May 14.