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Walk with Our Sisters, May 7, 2024. Image: Randy Thoms/Acadia Broadcasting

Weather fails to dampen Walking with Our Sisters

By Randy Thoms May 7, 2024 | 11:58 PM

More attention to the high rate of murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls.

A Walking with Our Sisters event took place in Fort Frances on Tuesday.

It attracted about 20 participants despite being impacted by the weather.

The event is held to honour victims and their families.

The walk started at the Sister Kennedy Centre for an opening ceremony before reaching UNFC’s office on Mowatt Avenue.

Rhonda Howells from Northwest Metis Child and Family Services says it is a stand against violence against women.

It’s to draw attention to the high rates of disappearances and murders of native women, particularly women and girls,” says Howells.

“We did this last year, and it was very well received. So, Amanda and I decided we would continue with this as an opportunity to bring the information forward to people because it is becoming a more and more predominant issue as time goes on.”

It’s really important that we get the awareness out. That’s why we’re having a second walk because it is something that plagues our community,” says Amanda Guimond of the United Native Friendship Centre.

Organizers see walks like this offering a platform to share information, educate and talk about the issue.

“Not only has our community has been impacted by it, but on a bigger scale, it is actually a national emergency in Canada right now,” says Brandis Oliver, Memengwaawag Liaison and Case Manager for Giishkaandago’Ikwe Health Services.

“So, it’s very important to have people come out to get that education and to not only get the education but also to know where there is healing and where there is still hope in moving forward with this.”

Participants wore red ribbons that were placed on the fence at UNFC after the walk.

They will remain for the rest of this week.

Red ribbons and a red dress are attached to the fence at United Native Friendship Centre as part of Walk for our Sisters, May 7, 2024. Image: Randy Thoms/Acadia Broadcasting