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Thunder Bay Police Service launching pilot program

By CJ Goater May 6, 2024 | 12:39 PM

Thunder Bay Police vehicle - Acadia Broadcasting file

The Thunder Bay Police Service has launched a new pilot program deploying a new biometric monitor designed to enhance the safety and dignity of people in custody.

The program will utilize wearable bands with biometric sensors connected to an app that will send alerts to officers at the first sign of distress for a faster response.

The bands securely attach to a detainee’s or inmate’s wrist or ankle and can be used with handcuffs or alone.

The CustodyProtect pilot program is being implemented in collaboration with 4Sight Labs and is believed to be the first of its kind in Canada.

“People who are detained in our cells are constantly visually monitored. What officers can’t see is what might be happening inside a person’s body. This technology alerts us to certain health events, so we can respond accordingly, right away,” said TBPS Inspector Joe Dampier. “CustodyProtect is an effective tool to enhance safety while maintaining the rights of people in custody.”

The CustodyProtect provides preventative support that enables officers to continuously, and unbiasedly watch over the health of people in custody. This technology will enable early intervention to stop or limit emergencies.

“Founded in 2020 by industry veterans, 4Sight Labs pioneers biometric monitoring technology to protect detainee and inmate well-being from the point of arrest to transport and detention. As the leader in biometric tech for law enforcement and corrections, 4Sight Labs works to transform public safety culture to uphold human dignity,” explained the TBPS in a release.