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The Stein Lake fire burns near Saint Andrews in May 2023. Image: Submitted

How to prepare for impacts from wildfire smoke

By Brad Perry May 6, 2024 | 10:05 AM

With wildfire season here, NB Lung is warning residents to be prepared for the possible impacts from smoke.

President and CEO Melanie Langille said there are ways you can reduce your exposure during smoke events.

“Have somewhere in your house or somewhere in your community that you can go to get away from the smoke,” Langille said in an interview.

“If you have the means to buy an air purifier, that’s a really great thing to have at home if it’s got a HEPA filter in it. It will take out most of the harmful fine particulate matter from smoke and make a bit of a safe area in your home.”

If you do not have the means to purchase an air purifier, Langille recommends visiting a public indoor space like a library or mall, which usually have good air systems.

You should also keep all windows and doors closed in your home and limit the amount of time you spend outside.

If you do have to be outdoors, Langille recommends wearing a properly fitted mask to help keep the smoke out of your lungs.

You should also take your time and avoid any strenuous activities, she said.

“That will limit the amount your lungs are working outside and limit the amount of pollution you’re exposed to,” said Langille.

While there is no safe level of smoke exposure, NB Lung said those most at risk include children, the elderly, pregnant people, and those with lung disease or other chronic conditions.

Langille said it is also a good idea to install the WeatherCan app on your phone. In addition to monitoring the forecast, you can also see the Air Quality Health Index for your area.