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Cameras a positive addition, says Moncton Community Safety Director

By Tara Clow May 6, 2024 | 1:52 PM

The addition of cameras in downtown Moncton has some residents taking note.

Community Safety Director Conrad Landry says they were installed last year in areas including Victoria Park, St. George and Main Street.

In 2023, Moncton City Council voted to spend around $90,000 for over 30 cameras.

“We need to be clear, that the cameras are pointing towards public spaces, meaning city spaces.  They give us more eyes to see what is going on. These are not monitored 24/7. We’ll look at them to see if there was any damage to our facilities or parks. These are for our security and monitoring of our land and property,” Landry adds.

He says the cameras have been a positive addition for community policing officers, especially if they find individuals gathered in areas and may be up to no good.

“They (community policing officers) can do patrols and proactive patrols,” Landry says.

He says many municipalities are using cameras to reduce crime and other suspicious acts in their communities.