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Image: Courtesy of Sabrina Robichaud

Memorial site for Moncton homeless who have died

By Tara Clow May 2, 2024 | 2:17 PM

A homeless woman has created a site to honour those who have died on Greater Moncton streets.

Sabrina Robichaud has been homeless on and off for 10 years, due to not being able to find affordable housing.

She says after losing three friends last month, they needed a place to go to mourn.

“A lot of us weren’t able to go to the funerals or the graveyard of friends and loved ones that we have lost on the streets. We were all having a hard time after we just lost three of our friends in the same month. So I just wanted to make a place to share our love, thoughts and memories.”

Robichaud says there are now around 180 names listed at the memorial on Dominion Street near Harvest House.

She says the memorial started as a drawing of a headstone and has grown from there, with others adding photos, quotes, messages and goodbyes, with things they never got to say to the individuals who have passed on.

“It’s heartbreaking that we’ve lost all of these people. They’re not just numbers. They mattered. They were loved.”