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Students evacuate two Halifax schools due to bomb threats

By Jacob Moore May 1, 2024 | 8:23 PM

Multiple schools in the Halifax area were evacuated Wednesday because of false bomb threats.

Sackville Heights Junior High and Fairview Junior High were temporarily evacuated, according to a statement from Lindsey Bunin, spokesperson for Halifax Regional Education Centre.

Once police investigated and found there was no threat to safety, students returned to class.

Bunin says student and staff safety are the top priority for schools but that many false threats cause unnecessary stress and disruptions.

“As a reminder, in addition to any police consequences, those who endanger the well-being of others, damage property or significantly disrupt the learning environment will receive immediate and appropriate consequences for their actions, as per the Provincial School Code of Conduct Policy,” the statement says.

Multiple schools in the Halifax area were also evacuated or closed on Monday and Tuesday because of false bomb threats.

A school in Chester was also temporarily evacuated on Wednesday because of false threats.

Becky Druhan, Minister of Education, says her department is working to improve school safety and has been for some time.

It’s scary and disturbing when there are threats at schools, she says.

“My heart really goes out to communities when that happens,” she says.