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Clare MLA Ronnie LeBlanc (NS Legislature)

Clare MLA worried about cost-of-living for residents

By Kevin Northup Apr 29, 2024 | 6:00 AM

The MLA for Clare says residents are worried about the cost-of-living.

Liberal Ronnie LeBlanc hosted fellow caucus members in the riding last week for meetings.

He says he’s heard from people in the area that are struggling to find places to live.

“I’m getting calls about people who have nowhere to live, or are facing a pinch where they’re not sure they’ll be able to stay where they are. A lot of people are facing tough times,” said LeBlanc after a Liberal town hall event in Yarmouth.

LeBlanc says lobster catches have been down this year, and that’s been tough on the area.

He says Clare depends on the resource, and they have to everything they can to protect it.

“Fishing is the key industry. As fisheries critic, we need to protect it to make sure it’s there for generations to come.”

LeBlanc says he’d like to see tougher penalties on illegal fish buyers and more enforcement.