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Storage rooms at the Memorial Sports Centre, April 24, 2024. Image: Randy Thoms/Acadia Broadcasting

New fees for arena dressing and storage rooms

By Randy Thoms Apr 27, 2024 | 4:19 PM

There could be some changes to the use of dressing and storage rooms at the Memorial Sports Centre.

It comes with a plan to charge for the use of dedicated dressing rooms, office and storage space.

Recreation Manager Nathan Young says all users will first be asked if they want to keep their existing space.

“We would go to the dedicated use spaces that are currently being held to ask if that group is interested in continuing to hold that space. If they indicate yes, we would move forward into the agreement,” says Young.

“If they indicate no, they would have an option to put themselves on a waitlist for another room that may come available as we go through the process.”

Costs will be $1.50/sq ft. for storage spaces and $2.50 / sq ft. for dedicated use spaces.

Currently, there are dedicated dressing rooms for the Fort Frances boys and girls hockey teams, the Fort Frances Lakers and the Border Skating Club.

Other user groups have storage rooms or use space under the bleachers.

Councillor Mandi Olson expressed concern with the rates, noting they were much higher than what was being charged to users of the Kenora Recreation Centre.

Emo also charges for storage space, but the costs were not disclosed.

The initial proposal was to have user groups enter into a three-year agreement.

Mayor Andrew Hallikas supported a review after one year.

“That gives us the chance to do further investigation because it is a complex matter. Then, at the end of that year, we can review how option one worked and, is there a need to revise or change,” says Hallikas.

The Fort Frances Lakers have expressed interest in a larger dressing room should one become available while the Fort Frances Girls and Women’s Hockey Association would like to take over the Lakers room should the team move.

The idea of building more room was raised but questions about funding shortened any discussion of it being a viable option.