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Liberal leader Zach Churchill and MLA's Iain Rankin and Patricia Arab with Yarmouth residents at a meeting on April 23, 2024 (Ethan Nickerson Photo)

Liberals still pushing for Coastal Protection Act

By Kevin Northup Apr 25, 2024 | 3:13 PM

The Coastal Protection Act was a hot topic at a recent Liberal town hall in Yarmouth.

Many feel the Houston government shouldn’t have scrapped the plan earlier this year.

It passed with all-party support when the Liberals were in power in 2019.

Yarmouth’s Ginny Smith says government needs to address it.

“There were so many people that answered that survey, and they got the idea that they didn’t need to implement it, or there wasn’t interest. We are saying that’s wrong,” said Smith.

Instead, the province released a plan that allows municipalities and homeowners to address climate change.

A new position was also created to help them deal with a lack of resources.

Former Liberal Premier Iain Rankin says Nova Scotians want to see the act passed.

“Which will protect our coastline, because we have an unregulated coast. It’s kind of the wild west, anyone can build. It’s up to the province to ensure we protect the environment,” said Rankin.

A rally in support of adopting the act will be held in Halifax in May.