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Lifeguard hiring for N.S. beaches ahead of pace

By Evan Taylor Apr 24, 2024 | 11:19 AM

Gudella / Depositphotos.com

After struggling to hire lifeguards for Nova Scotia’s beaches in recent years the Lifesaving Society of Nova Scotia says things are going much better in 2024.

“We only have three positions left to fill,” said Lifesaving Society special projects director Paul D’Eon. “During COVID training wasn’t taking place so not only did we lose a lot of our existing staff, we also didn’t have new ones coming in,”.

D’Eon says things began improving in 2022 after a new crop of lifeguards began trickling in, with the resumption of training programs in 2021.

“It was definitely a struggle, not just for us but for pools and for other parts of North America where training stopped,” said D’Eon.

Lifeguards in Nova Scotia are scheduled to start monitoring beaches in Nova Scotia starting on June 29.

Beaches monitored by lifeguards in Nova Scotia include;