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Image: Tara Clow

Riverview not immune to wildfires, says Fire and Rescue

By Tara Clow Apr 24, 2024 | 1:16 PM

Riverview Fire and Rescue is raising awareness of the dangers of wildfires.

Chief Robin True says in 2023, more than 200 communities in Canada were evacuated

“We know that there was an unprecedented wildfire season in Canada with 15 million hectares burned. Maritime provinces were not immune. Three very large wildland-urban interface fires occurred in Halifax and in the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia. Also the Chamcook fire in New Brunswick just north of St. Andrews. All occurred around the same time at the end of May, early June of 2023.”

Surrounded by forested areas, True adds, that Riverview residents are also at risk.

“We’re looking at properties along the streets such as Highgate Court, Goldsboro Avenue, Irving Road, Lawson Road, and Rivereast Drive and anywhere forested land comes in close contact with developed properties. There’s also a risk to community assets such as Mill Creek Nature Park and there’s also the operation centre,” Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention John Malloy says.

Image: Riverview Fire and Rescue Facebook


Riverview Fire and Rescue will offer an educational session on May 4th at Riverview Fire and Rescue from 10 am until noon with the help of representatives from Fire Smart Canada and the Department of Natural Resources and Energy.

It’s a national program that helps Canadians increase neighbourhood resilience to wildland fire and minimizes its negative impacts.

“Fire Smart Canada offers an abundance of resources to communities and individual property owners with advice on protecting their home and community from wildland fire,” Malloy adds.