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Albert the dinosaur (Image: from Moncton City Council, courtesy of Rogers TV)

Popular dinosaur attraction moving to Albert County Museum

By Tara Clow Apr 22, 2024 | 1:46 PM

Albert the dinosaur will soon have a new home.

The skeleton was on display at Resurgo Place as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations for the Moncton Museum.

Director Sophie Cormier says it was a popular attraction, “People could write a letter or do a drawing to the Museum. A lot of people actually wrote to the dinosaur. One child left a drawing in front of the dinosaur for when he wakes up at night.”

The dinosaur bones are being moved to the Albert County Museum to be a part of a new natural history exhibit.

“Albert”, an Albertosaurus sarcophagus, will be located in the Exhibition Hall, on loan from Resurgo Place.

Image: courtesy of Resurgo Place

It will open on June 15th and you can see Albert, at the Albert County Museum until September 30th.

“This is really the precursor to us having a history of fossils, and why do we have the world’s highest tides in the region.  It’s really the catalyst to us to create a natural history,” Managing Director Janet Clouston says.

Cormier adds, the skeleton will be transported in crates created for Albert.

“This is not an artifact. It is a cast, it is a reproduction. It is packed very well, so it is not fragile either,” Cormier adds.

Albert was originally on display at the Moncton Museum in 1985.