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Pallet Shelter village proposed for Kenora

By Tim Davidson Apr 22, 2024 | 9:09 AM

Another idea to help solve Kenora’s housing shortage.

It’s called Pallet Shelter.

Susan Evenden pitched the idea to city council recently.

She says the units a small, but can be erected in a short space of time.

“It can be quickly deployed to meet emergency needs,” Evenden told city council during her deputation.

“This isn’t long term housing.  This isn’t, someone is going to live in theses boxes for the rest of their life.  They go up easily, squeezed in anywhere.  Any flat space can have can have a pallet shelter village.”

Evenden says she’s been working with a number of local agencies, who are interested in the concept.

“I have not heard a single agency that said no, that this wouldn’t work here in Kenora.  I think the time is right.  Pallet Shelter from the time you place your order, until the time it arrives on site is eight weeks.”

She’s hoping Kenora will have it’s first pallet village by Thanksgiving.