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Ottawa announces Federal Plastics Registry

By Brad Perry Apr 22, 2024 | 1:58 PM

Less than 10 per cent of plastics in Canada are currently recycled, according to federal officials.

Ottawa is looking to improve that figure through a new Federal Plastics Registry, announced on Monday.

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said plastic producers will have to take more responsibility for the plastic they put on the market.

“Every year, from now on, they must declare the quantity and types of plastic they supply, how these plastics move through the economy, and how they are managed at the end of their life,” said Guilbeault.

“The registry will provide critical information to measure progress, identifying gaps, and building a truly circular economy.”

The announcement comes ahead of the fourth session of negotiations toward a new global agreement on plastic pollution.

Federal officials said the registry helps set the tone for the kinds of measures Canada hopes to encourage the world to move toward.

Reporting requirements for the new registry will be introduced in phases to allow time and flexibility for those obligated to report.

Small producers that place less than one tonne of plastic on the market will be exempt from making annual reports.