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City exploring possibility of second underwater water line

By Tim Davidson Apr 18, 2024 | 8:21 AM

It could cost anywhere from $5 to $12 million to twin the marine waterline to Norman and Keewatin.

Those were the figures given by the engineering company that’s been looking into the feasibility of a second line.

Director of Engineering and Infrastructure for the city Greg Breen says there is no need for immediate concern because the existing water line is in good shape.

“That plastic pipe has a long, long lifespan,” Breen told council recently.

“Especially underwater it’s pretty well protected.  I would say there is no reason for alarm.”

Breen adds the city is looking at the need for a second marine water line, in case the existing one fails.

“The potential of a break always exists and if it was underwater, it would take a few days to get fixed.  But fusing a section of pipe is a fast process.”

A second water line would ensure the areas of Norman and Keewatin would not be without water, should there be a break.

Breen points out that the prices quoted for replacing the water line are already a couple of years old, so costs would be higher now.