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Sharks host first meet since before COVID

By Tim Davidson Apr 17, 2024 | 1:10 PM

The Kenora Sharks hosted more than 140 swimmers from across the region and Manitoba for its first swim meet since before the COVID pandemic.

The Sharks enjoyed a strong showing, with 52 swimmers ranging from first timers to seasoned provincial and national qualifiers.

There were several strong performances included those by Josh Benson, Liam Serino, Tazio Mastromatteo, Kate McKie,
and several others.

Achieving Provincial AA qualifying times were Mary Edlund, Liam Serino, Sophie English, Josephine Hill, Tazio Mastromatteo and Josh Benson.

Hitting Provincial A times were Katherine Duchominsky, Naomi Noack Simone and Riel Noack Simone.

Coach Janet Hyslop was pleased with the performances and determination shown by the swimmers.

“It was incredible to see them take to the pool with such confidence. Competing in their home pool brought enthusiasm and team spirit akin to playing on home ice,” says Hyslop.

“It was a fantastic opportunity for each swimmer to explore their capabilities and set ambitious goals for the future.”

The Sharks are now gearing up for the Bison Sprint meet on May 4th.

The Olympic Trials will take place in Toronto, May 13-19, where Gabriel Mastromatteo, alongside his siblings Emilia and
Tazio, aim to make history as the first sibling trio at an Olympic Trials, with Gabriel chasing his dream of a second Olympic appearance in Paris.

A total of 42 Sharks swimmers placed in the top six:

Arlo Beatty Petkau (8) 3rd 50FR/ 2nd 25BK/ 3rd 25FR/ 2nd 50BK
Josh Benson (14) 1st 100BK/200FR/50FR/100FR/100FL/200IM/400FR
Isabelle Bergman (9) 4th 25BK
Mackenzie Bremner (8) 4th 50FR/ 5th 25BK/ 4th 50BR/ 2nd 25FR/ 5th 50BK
Drew Brown (10) 1st 100BK/ 3rd 100IM/ 5th 50FR/ 2nd 200BR/ 4th 100FR/ 3rd 50BR/ 3rd 50BK/ 2nd 100BR
Brady Carson (10) 6th 50FR/ 6th 50BR/ 5th 100BR
Rena Centena-Wojtyniak (12) 6th 25BR/ 5th 25BK/2 nd 25FR
Chiara Cosentino (14) 6th 100IM
Liam Cox (14) 5th 100BK/200FR/50BK/ 6th 50FR/100FR/50FL/ 3rd 200BR/100BR
Eli Dawe (18) – 1st 50FR/200FR/100FL/50BR/ 2nd 200BR/100BR / 3rd 100FR/200IM
Matthew Debbo (17) 1st 200BK/50BK/ 2nd 400FR/ 3rd 50 BR/ 4th 100BR
Katherine Duchominsky (13) 2nd 50FL/ 3RD 50FR/200BK/ 4TH 100FR/50BR/200FR/100BK/ 6TH 50BK
Blythe Duguay (10) 4th 25 BR
Mary Edlund (13) 1st 100BK/50BK/400FR/ 2nd 50FR/200FR/200BK/100FR
Sophie English (13) 4th 200BK
Isabella Fiesk (9) 1stBR / 6th 25BK
Josephine Hill (10) 6th 200FR/5th 100IM/1st 200BR/100BR 2nd 50BR
Kallee Hrabec (13) 6th 400FR
Ariel Kast (9) 3rd 50BK
Evey Kyle (16) 4th 100IM/ 5th 50FL/ 50BR/ 6th 50BK/6th 100BR
Scarlett Livingston (14) 6th 50FR/5th 200BK/6th 50FL
Avery Madden (12) 6th 200FR/100FR
Sylvia Madden (11) 1st 25 BR
Tazio Mastromatteo (16) 1st 100BK/100IM/200BR/100FR/200IM/100BR/400FR
Holly Mckie (14) 6th 200FR/ 4th 200BK/ 6th 100BR
Kate McKie (16) 1st 200FR/200BR/100BR/400FR/ 2nd 50FR/100BK/50FL/3rd 100FR
Kinley Milloy (14) 3rd 200BR/ 5th 100BR
Hailey Myshrall (8) 2nd 25BR/ 3rd 50BR/ 4th 25BK/25FR/ 5th 50FR
Addisyn Neniska (13) 2nd 25FR
Naomi Noack-Simone (11) 1st200FR/100FR/400FR/ 2nd 50FR/50FL/ 3rd 100BR/ 4th 100BK/200BR
Riel Noack-Simone (10) 1st 25 BR/50FR/25FR/50BK/ 2nd 100IM/50BR/100FR/50FR
Randi-Lynn O’Cheek (11) 3rd 25 FR/5th 25 BR
Sophie Prepp (17) 1st 200BK/ 2nd 100BK/ 3rd 50FR/200FR/ 4th 50BK/ 5th 400FR/ 6th 50FL
Bronson Rundle (11) 1st 25BR/100IM/ 2nd 50BR/50FR/ 50FL/ 4th 50BK/100FR/100BK
Liam Serino (13) 1st 100BR/50BR/200BR/ 2nd 200FR/50FR/100FR/100FL/200IM
Koen Sitar (9) 2nd 25BR/25BK/ 2nd 25FR/ 3rd 50FR/100FR/ 4th 50BK
Jill Skene (11) 6th 100IM/50BK
Emily Smith (10) 2nd 100BK/ 3rd 50FR/ 4th 100IM/ 5th 50BR/ 6th 100FR/100BR
Elenia Straight (9) 5th 25FR
Stavros Straight (12) 1st 200FR/50FR/25FR/50BK/100BR/100FR/ 2nd 100BK
Brook Sweeney (14) 4th 100IM
Felicity Tittlemier (7) 6th50FR / 5th25FR

(Photo provided by the Kenora Sharks)