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Avenir Centre in Moncton. Image: Tara Clow

Extra RCMP presence for some Avenir Centre events

By Tara Clow Apr 17, 2024 | 12:59 PM

There will be extra RCMP patrols for some events in Moncton’s downtown.

Codiac RCMP Superintendent Benoit Jolette says they recently met with the operators of the Avenir Centre and have developed a partnership.

“This is on top of regular patrols of dedicated police presence at certain events. We had our first one, at a concert a couple of weeks ago, and that really went well, having extra dedicated resources at the event,” says Jolette.

Jolette adds the Avenir Centre operators were very satisfied and are looking forward to future events and potentially expanding that even further.

The superintendent recently revealed these details during a Moncton city council meeting.

Deputy Mayor Shawn Crossman was pleased to hear about more officers and police presence before, during, and after Avenir Centre events.

“As we come out of COVID, more crowds, more events, and more people not paying attention to red lights, and more people going through the red light at the pedestrian crosswalk after an event because they just don’t pay attention,” says Crossman.