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Chris d'Entremont, MP for West Nova. Image: submitted.

d’Entremont predicts budget will be costly for Canadians

By Kevin Northup Apr 17, 2024 | 12:09 PM

The MP for West Nova is worried more Canadians will fall behind.

Chris d’Entremont of the Conservatives says the latest federal budget contains $40 billion in extra spending that people will have to pay for.

“What we’ve seen from this government is a continued usage of your money, that pays for programs that don’t hit home on what they’re trying to do,” said d’Entremont.

He says it will increase inflation once again.

“But ultimately, when you’ve spent yourself to the limit and you go ask for more, you have to borrow it. When you borrow it, you have to pay servicing charges on that. The servicing charges are truly incredible from this government.”

d’Entremont was pleased to see some extra funding for wharves, which he’s been advocating for.

He also says the budget is missing funding for national coverage of the Congres Mondial Acadien in southwest N.S. later this year.

The Liberals unveiled the budget yesterday, which they say contains tax hikes for the wealthy.

New housing spending dominates the budget, with the feds wanting to build 3.9-million homes by 2031.

There’s also money for the new Canada Disability Benefit and a National School Food Program.