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Queen's Park media room screen shot, April 10, 2024

Ford government shows initial support to NDP proposal

By Randy Thoms Apr 10, 2024 | 2:47 AM

The provincial NDP is calling on the Ford government to declare intimate partner violence an epidemic.

It was one of the recommendations made at an inquest examining the deaths of three southern Ontario women who were killed in 2015 by the same man.

MPP Lisa Gretzky says it is important that the government accept her private member’s bill.

“The government needs to not only support Bill 173, but they need to make sure that it makes it through the process at committee and actually becomes a legal declaration here in Ontario, and then move forward with the steps needed in order to actually address intimate partner violence, including properly funding service providers,” says Gretzky.

Gretzky adds acknowledgement that the issue as an epidemic would validate the stories of victims.

“It’s a very important first step for the government to actually call it what it is, and to say to those, all those people that we see you and to shed light on it,” says Gretzky.

“People live in shame and fear when they are victims of intimate partner violence or gender-based violence. This is the government saying, we see you, we acknowledge you, and we want to help, but it also helps to mobilize people around the province to have discussions with the province, to take the steps needed to make sure that the service providers, so women that are fleeing violence and taking their children with them actually have a place to stay when they leave.”

The proposed bill received a standing ovation from MPPs on all sides of the legislature when it was read on Wednesday.

Such a response to opposition-sponsored bills is rare.

Government House leader Paul Calandra is reported as saying the government would support the bill.