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Council looks at increasing the meal allowance

By Tim Davidson Apr 10, 2024 | 8:49 AM

Dryden city council is looking at an increase in the meal allowance when going out of town.

Councillor Catherine Kiewning is proposing an increase similar to what other municipalities have done in the region.

“Could we maybe align with what Ear Falls is doing,” Kiewning told council at their open meeting on Monday.

“I think that one is fairly reasonable. So in the Kenora, Rainy River, Thunder Bay Districts, it’s $90 dollars a day, and outside the above districts it’s $125 dollars a day.”

Councillor Michelle Price says the $75 dollar meal allowance they currently get doesn’t go very far in places like Toronto.

“You can’t go into a restaurant where you’re with a delegation, lets says and say, I can just afford a muffin today because I’m trying to stay under that.  The costs have gone through the roof when eating out.”

Dryden council is generally in favor of the increase.