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Ignace residents to vote soon willingness to work with NWMO

By Tim Davidson Apr 9, 2024 | 8:57 AM

Ignace town council should know sometime this summer if the community is willing to continue its relationship with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization.

A vote is being conducted by the town’s Willingness Committee.

Mayor Kim Baigrie says a consultant will be in the community this week to explain the process.

“Chela, who is a consultant who we have hired for the Willingness Committee, they will be here and they’ll being doing some door-to-door for the community members,” explains Baigrie.

Baigie adds that the town council is taking a hands off approach, and the Willingness Committee is responsible for the vote.

“People have to make a decision.  The Willingness Committee will compile all the information and the information will go to the council then.  We should know by the end of July how the community votes.”

Ignace town council has already passed a resolution saying it’s willing to host a potential underground nuclear storage site in the community.

In the meantime, the town is hosting the Nuclear Exploration Expo this weekend.

It’s starts on Friday and runs until Saturday at the Ignace Recreation Center with 44 exhibitors taking part.