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New paramedic association aims to solve challenges in N.S.

By Kevin Northup Apr 7, 2024 | 10:00 AM

A group wants to help improve the system for paramedics in our province.

The Nova Scotia Paramedic Professional Association aims to provide solutions for challenges facing the profession.

Member Rob Groom of Halifax says it’s the right time to provide a voice and education about the job.

“We are clinicians, and we work in various roles. It’s so much more than what folks might realize about the profession,” said Groom.

He says they’ve got around 100 members, they launched in the middle of March.

Groom says they’ll advocate to government to improve opportunities and workplaces for paramedics.

Association member Tyler MacCuspic of Cape Breton says they want people to see that paramedics have taken on more.

“Being a central core component of the healthcare system. We’re trying to highlight the profession, we realized there was a gap there,” said MacCuspic.

The association takes part in surveys and focus groups on concerns and interests.

Groom says challenges in the paramedic profession aren’t unique, but the association wants to work with government and employers to make the province appealing for workers.