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Trace - Electronic Storage Detection canine - (CJ Goater/Acadia Broadcasting)

Police force’s new hire able to sniff out hidden cell phones

By CJ Goater Apr 6, 2024 | 7:32 AM

Trace is on the case.

A new canine is joining the police force in Thunder Bay with the ability to sniff out hidden cell phones and other devices.

The dog is able to find these items thanks to a chemical called triphenylphosphine oxide, also known as TPPO.

It is used to prevent hardware from overheating.

“Trace can find hidden cell phones, sim cards, USBs, airtags, he can detect them whether they are in airtight containers, wrapped in plastic, in a fridge or freezer, or even underwater,” explained Detective Constable Joel Manherz, Trace’s handler.

Trace is a two-year-old American black lab that was acquired through a nonprofit organization dedicated to combatting child sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Trace and Handler Detective Constable Joel Manherz – (CJ Goater/Acadia Broadcasting)

Trace graduated from his initial training course in Indianapolis, Indiana, where Manherz spent two weeks working with him earlier this year.

The new four-legged recruit has already been involved in executing multiple search warrants and has found electronic devices that had not been discovered during the initial searches.