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No plans by Premier to increase drinking age

By Randy Thoms Apr 4, 2024 | 4:34 PM

Don’t expect to see an increase in the drinking age in Ontario while Premier Ford is in office.

In his year-end report, the province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health suggests the province should at least explore the value of increasing the drinking age from 19 to 21.

The Premier is quick to shoot down the idea.

“He has his opinion. We have ours. We believe in treating people like adults all across the world. You get to go into a retail store, big box store, and buy a bottle of wine with your steak and maybe a six-pack of beer like the rest of the world does,” says Ford.

Ford’s rationale is that if young people can join the military, they should not be restricted from drinking.

“These young people, they put a uniform on and go fight for freedom around the world, driving tanks and heavy military equipment, and again, putting their lives on the line for democracy, and they can’t go back later and have a beer. That doesn’t cut it.”

He also dismisses the notion that it means the government is at odds with Dr. Kieran Moore.

Ford says he supports the job Dr. Moore does, but on the drinking age, the two just disagree.