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Snow and rain for three days in latest weather systems

By Tara Clow Apr 3, 2024 | 1:08 PM

You can still expect to do some digging out this week.

A messy wet and snowy weather system is headed our way.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Jill Maepea says it’ll arrive on Thursday and include snow and rain, “Amounts will be difficult to estimate because we will be above zero for most of the period that it is snowing. Areas over the highest or elevated terrain will see the most snow from this system. Going to be a big question mark as to exactly how much accumulation on the ground because of temperatures.”

The system is expected to bring the most snow overnight, but Maepea says it’ll be difficult to stick onto surfaces during the daytime.

“The snow will start in the southwest and spread quickly to the Moncton region and throughout all southern areas of the province. Eventually, it will head northward. Heavy snow is anticipated from Thursday evening into Friday morning. However, this snow will persist into Saturday, especially for those eastern areas, including Moncton, but not so much for Saint John and St. Stephen.”

This is due to a secondary system bringing more snow all day Saturday, but Maepea says it won’t be as intense.

“Estimates across southern areas including Moncton, Saint John and St. Stephen, we’ll see anywhere from 10 to 20 centimetres. The more snow is anticipated in the north, where 20 to 30 centimetres or more is anticipated,” Maepea says.

It isn’t uncommon to see systems that include snow in early April.

Maepea doesn’t expect winds will be a major problem for most with these systems, but she points out Grand Manan residents could feel gusts up to 70 kilometres an hour because they’ll be exposed to the northeasterly winds.

The heavy wet snow could create work for power crews though.

“There is a concern for this heavy wet snow to stick on trees and powerlines and cause some power outages. It will be that type of snow that will be really, heavy and wet and stick to a lot of infrastructure,” Maepea adds.