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Source: Parks Canada

Parking lot at Citadel may expand for healthcare workers

By Caitlin Snow Mar 28, 2024 | 12:49 PM

The parking lot at the base of the Halifax Citadel, might be expanding to make way for 140 new parking spots for healthcare workers.

New parking spaces will be required when the Robie Street parkade is demolished sometime this year, due to the expansion of the QEII-the largest healthcare construction project in the province’s history.

According to Nova Scotia Health (NSH), Build Nova Scotia is considering expanding the parking lot at the Garrison Grounds, in an effort to help healthcare workers have a convenient place to leave their vehicle that is close to work.

According to the Health Authority, they have reached out to organizations such as neighboring businesses and developers and have concluded that the Citadel location is the most “practical option at this time.”

However, it would mean a green space would be paved over at the national historic landmark, replacing the existing parking lot, to make way for a total of 247 spots.

Source: Parks Canada

Parks Canada, who manages the federally owned land, says they are consulting the public before they proceed, accepting input until April 24.

They want to determine whether or not the project is likely to have negative effects on the environment.

Parks Canada says preserving natural and cultural heritage is their top priority and that the grounds will continue to be an important recreational green space.

“Impact assessments are used to manage the impact of infrastructure projects, and an impact assessment is currently underway for this proposal. If the expansion is approved, the impact assessment will inform the scope of work to mitigate potential negative impacts to both the ecological and cultural heritage of the grounds.”

If the project goes ahead, it will start in May and last through the summer.

A complete transportation plan is in development and will be shared in the coming months.