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Warm winter affects Mount Evergreen’s downhill season

By Tim Davidson Mar 22, 2024 | 11:02 AM

Mount Evergreen says it was only able to open about half of the days it’s usually does this winter.

Blair McCallum is the past president of the ski hill and says the usually warm winter and rain played havoc with their season.

“Absolutely the weirdest winter that I’ve ever experienced here in Kenora with the really warm weather,” says McCallum.

“This year we weren’t able to open until the second weekend of January.  I think January 12th was our first day.”

McCallum their ability to make snow was also compromised by the warm weather.

“We need cold enough temperatures to make snow and every year since 2008 we’ve had those cold temperatures and we can make snow in November, and absolutely into December.  The longest we’ve gone previously to that was January 2nd.”

McCallum says traditionally they are able to open by the middle of December, but the warm weather made it difficult to make snow.

McCallum adds the only good news is with the colder weather in March, they should be able to keep Mount Evergreen open until the end of the month.