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Poilievre to push forward with non-confidence vote

By Evan Taylor Mar 21, 2024 | 2:38 PM

Source: CPAC

The Liberal government has given no indication they’ll be halting this year’s hike to the carbon tax.

However, it is not stopping Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre to introduce a non-confidence motion which is expected to take place Thursday night.

The motion could trigger an election if it’s passed, but it is more symbolic in nature as the Conservatives do not have enough support to topple the minority Liberals.

“I’m calling on all, Liberals, NDP, Bloc to do the right thing, stand up for the people and vote to spike the hike, until I can become Prime Minister and axe the tax,” said Pierre Poilievre in an exclusive interview with Acadia Broadcasting.

This year’s carbon tax increase is set to rise by about three cents on April 1 or 3.3 cents on gas and 2.9 cents per cubic metre on natural gas.

It seems likely the non-confidence vote will fail with the Liberal-NDP coalition having more than enough seats (181 combined) to fend off a majority vote (169 votes) which is required for a non-confidence motion to pass.