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Poilievre commends Nova Scotia MLA’s for call to halt carbon tax

By Evan Taylor Mar 21, 2024 | 4:48 PM

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is praising MLA’s in our province after a unanimous vote urging the feds to stop the upcoming hike in the carbon tax.

All parties agreed to send a letter to Nova Scotia Liberal MP’s asking them to vote against the April 1 increase.

“I commend them for voting in the interests of Nova Scotians,” said Poilievre. “Unfortunately at the federal level, there’s only one party standing up against Trudeau’s carbon tax… and that’s the Conservative Party.”

The tax is set to increase gas by 3.3 cents and 2.9 cents per cubic metre on natural gas.

In an interview with our newsroom, Poilievre also discussed his upcoming non-confidence vote which is scheduled to take place Thursday night.

The non-confidence is more symbolic in nature as it is expected to fail with the Liberal-NDP coalition having a combined 181 seats, with 169 needed for a majority vote.

The full interview can be listened to below, where Polievre talks about the specific impacts of the carbon tax for Nova Scotia, as well as where he is hopeful some votes may come from on the opposite side of the aisle.