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Petition seeks federal oversight of proposed Ignace nuclear storage repository

By Adam Riley Mar 21, 2024 | 3:24 PM

File Photo (Adam Riley / Acadia Broadcasting)

A proposed underground nuclear storage site in the Ignace area continues to draw the ire of environmentalists.

They have now launched a fourth petition in opposition, this time demanding the federal government provide oversight, by imploring them to require the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) to demonstrate it has consent of those along the transportation route, in the region, and downstream of the repository.

It was put forth two weeks ago by a North Bay resident Brennain Lloyd, prior to the signing of an agreement between the Township of Ignace and the NWMO.

“The federal government is responsible for nuclear matters, and we are calling on them to act responsibly.”

In a media release the proponents, Northwatch, Environment North, and We the Nuclear Free North, allege the impacted parties referenced in the petition, are being shut out of discussions.

“Residents living closer to the site and downstream live with the short and long term risks of nuclear contamination but are not being asked if they are “willing””.

They also believe Ignace’s distance from the site – which is about 40 kilometres – should disqualify it from being considered a host community.

Council in Ignace is set to make a decision on whether the community will be a willing host this summer, with the NWMO expected to make its final decision on where the underground repository will be located in Ignace, or in South Bruce in southwestern Ontario, by the end of the year.

The petition can be found online and is open to signatures of Canadian residents until May 3rd.

Once the signature period ends, the federal government will have 45 days to respond.

However, a disclaimer on the government’s website where the petition is located, states there are no obligations to present the petition in the House of Commons.