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Pepper. Image: Regis Phillips

N.B. SPCA launches new pet ownership campaign

By Regis Phillips Mar 16, 2024 | 8:00 AM

Sharing your life with a pet, regardless of the animal, is a rewarding experience enjoyed by thousands of New Brunswick residents.

The New Brunswick SPCA has launched a new campaign called ‘Your Next Pet’. The campaign urges people to consider all aspects of pet ownership and is designed to help ask the right questions before they decide to adopt a new addition to the family.

“Doing your homework first, including some honest self-reflection on your home situation and research on breed traits, is important to making a good match as you look to bring a new pet into your home,” said Lesley Rogers, executive director of the New Brunswick SPCA.

SPCA officials said pet ownership can bring tremendous joy, companionship, and love. However, it also brings new responsibilities, and owning a pet requires time and money.

“Animal ownership involves regular veterinarian costs. People should consider if they can afford these expenses. Impulsive pet ownership decisions should be avoided,” said Rogers.

Rogers also said the campaign works with reputable breeders, saying all New Brunswick breeders must have a provincial pet establishment licence and veterinarian health certificate.

“A responsible breeder is going to be forthcoming about the behaviour and temperament of their dogs. They’re going to let you see the mother, and the breeders will ask you about work references and previous pet ownership,” said Rogers.

More about the camping can be found by clicking here.