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A dirt road in Carleton, Yarmouth County (Contributed Photo)

Gravel road challenges continue with more rain

By Kevin Northup Mar 7, 2024 | 1:36 PM

The rain won’t help gravel roads in the Tri-Counties.

As temperatures warm up, there have been reports of cars getting stuck in the mud, and those living on the roads having to use ATV’s to get to the pavement.

Yarmouth Warden John Cunningham says waste collection has also been a challenge.

“We’ve been advising people through Waste Check to bring their garbage and recyclables to the main paved roads. The large trucks are unable to travel the dirt roads right now until further notice,” said Cunningham.

He says people should take alternate routes if possible, but reminds those on ATV’s that they’re not allowed on paved roads.

“We’re seeing people going out for rides on the gravel roads, but the more travel on them right now, the more they’re getting torn up. That could lead to residents not being able to get out.”

Cunningham says he’s been referring people to the provincial Department of Public Works if they have questions about the roads.

Earlier this week, the department told our newsroom that this time of year, gravel roads can become very soft with frost coming out of the ground.

They say they’re making every effort to keep roads in good condition, and they continue to invest in gravel roads.

The department adds they’ve nearly tripled their investment from $20 million annually to $55 million.