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Nova Scotia Auditor General Kim Adair (Office of the Auditor General of Nova Scotia)

N.S. auditor general calls for stronger over-budget spending process

By Kevin Northup Mar 5, 2024 | 12:33 PM

The province’s Auditor General says the Houston government over-spent $430 million in the last two years.

Kim Adair says Nova Scotians should be concerned.

She says she’s worried about the government’s internal approval process.

“All of the funds were approved through an expedited process. Many of them lacked key supporting elements one would expect to see, given the large amounts involved,” said Adair.

An audit looked at 11 grants and subsidies, and she says there was no justification for any of them.

Adair says the government’s process for over-budget spending is not in line with other provinces.

“There are two points of failure: the Nova Scotia Finance Act, and the government’s internal approval process. There was no immediate spending need for any of the 11 grants tested.”

The Department of Finance has rejected four of Adair’s five recommendations, including changes to the Finance Act.