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Cat Lake Chief Russell Wesley speaks to reporters on March 5th 2024 (Screen Capture)

Cat Lake continues to recover from weekend fire

By Adam Riley Mar 5, 2024 | 3:12 PM

Residents in Cat Lake are getting by, but just barely, in the aftermath of a fire which destroyed the only health centre in the community.

Speaking to media in Toronto Tuesday, Chief Russell Wesley says nurses who worked at the facility are still in the community, and have been moved to what he calls a ‘fire base’, but patients requiring advanced treatment and care have had to go elsewhere.

“Late last night they were evacuating some medical patients that required special medical services, cancer care, diabetes, some addiction services were required. So those people were removed from the community.

The fire broke out Saturday night and despite efforts to put out the flames, the safety of those fighting the fire was put first and the building was left to burn.

Wesley adds the destruction of the nursing station has only compounded issues for residents.

“There’s some water issues going on right now with the water plant, but I believe they are working on a recovery plan for that issue. There’s a boil water advisory still in effect from a few weeks ago.”

One of the initial issues following the fire, was finding the shutoff valve for the water to the station, which continued to flow, and drained the community’s water reservoir.