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Havoc monolith on Nowhere Island, Rainy Lake, February 29, 2024. Supplied photo

Havoc comes to Rainy Lake

By Randy Thoms Mar 5, 2024 | 4:28 PM

An island on Rainy Lake has helped launch a new snack in Canada.

Havoc, the newest chip in the snack aisle, was introduced with a 15-foot monolith appearing on Nowhere Island on Leap Day.

Jess Spaulding, Chief Marketing Officer at PepsiCo Foods Canada, says it was the perfect fit.

“With a name like Havoc, we felt like we had to pick the right day and the right type of act to be able to really kind of live up to a brand of that name,” says Spaulding.

“So, we picked Leap Day, knowing that’s kind of a curious glitch in the calendar every four years. And we thought, where is the right place to drop something that really kind of speaks to havoc? We found a place called Nowhere Island, Ontario, and we thought, HAVOC drops Nowhere is the absolute perfect way to introduce this brand.”

The structure was constructed with glass that could emit smoke and send a giant beam of light to the sky.


Spaulding says they did receive a few texts and phone calls the night it was being installed.

Some people could see the light from the Memorial Sports Centre.

Spaulding says they were able to make a connection with a cabin owner who allowed for the monolith to be set up.

It has since disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

“I have a lot of big, beautiful brands that I have the amazing privilege of looking after. A lot of those brands do activations in Toronto or Calgary, and we felt like to really kind of get attention, to get notice and to really tell the story of what we think this brand is all about, we had to do something really different and distinct.”

Spaulding has a connection to the area.

Originally from Minnesota, she says they would frequently camp each summer around Rainy, Crane and Namakan Lakes.

“So it felt very serendipitous when I found out exactly where this was. I was kind of revisiting a place that I have a lot of heart for and a lot of fond memories.”

The monolith has since left the island and is being taken for display elsewhere.

Havoc can be found in grocery and convenience stores across the country.