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Podcast: Tim Houston provides a mid-mandate update for Nova Scotia

By Don Mills & David Campbell Mar 1, 2024 | 8:42 AM

A Mid-Mandate Update with Nova Scotia Premier, Tim Houston

This episode of the Insights Podcast features a conversation recorded live with Premier Tim Houston at the Halifax Chamber’s Economic Forum. Premier Houston is halfway through his mandate. We talk about the accomplishments of his government and his personal disappointments over the first half of his mandate. We review the major healthcare initiatives undertaken to date to deliver on his promise to fix healthcare, including the government’s willingness to use the private sector to deliver publicly funded healthcare services. We also discuss his ambitious goal to double the population to 2 million people by 2060 and the stresses caused by the recent increases in the population, as well as the government’s strategies to address the housing shortages. Premier Houston acknowledges the high tax environment in Nova Scotia and hinted that some relief may be coming. He also acknowledges the need to mine more critical minerals in the province and lessen the current regulatory burden for mining. We talk about the potential of offshore wind. At the same time, he has a surprising answer regarding whether or not nuclear power could be a potential solution to achieving net zero, something that has been banned in Nova Scotia for decades and whether he would support the mining of uranium. The podcast provides a good assessment of the government’s progress to date.

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