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Courtesy Riverside Foundation for Health Care, February 28, 2024

Ultrasound campaign exceeds its goal

By Randy Thoms Feb 29, 2024 | 9:53 AM

A campaign to raise money for a new ultrasound machine for Rainy River Health Centre has been exceeded.

Riverside Foundation for Health Care says $150 thousand was raised.

Director Allison Cox says they had been looking to raise $135 thousand.

“We’re just so excited about the level of generosity that we saw for this ultrasound campaign, especially from our residents in the west end of the district, and just so great to see everyone come together to support such a great cause,” says Cox.

The campaign kicked off last June when resident Jack Elliott expressed an interest in making a donation on behalf of his wife, who played a key role in the health centre’s development.

“This all kind of came about because Jack Elliott was speaking with some physicians who had identified a need for this new ultrasound machine, and he said, how can I help? He decided to kick-off the campaign with $10,000 in pledged matching donations. Once that was achieved, he pledged another $10,000 and another $10,000.”

Other funding, approximately $28,000, was generated through the monthly 50/50 draws.

More than $22,000 came through the Christmas Appeal campaign.

“We actually did something a little bit different this year with our Christmas Appeal. We split the district up into the west end of the district and the east end of the district. All of our west end residents received a Christmas Appeal Campaign for the ultrasound machine,” says Cox.

Lake of the Woods, Dawson and Rainy River townships each contributed $5,000 toward the cause.

The health centre took ownership of the new machine in late November.

The excess funds raised are being set aside for future uses at Rainy River Health Centre.